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Aunt Chilada's on Jaime's Local Love!

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Jaime's Local Love Segment

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Aunt Chilada’s is a Lady with a Past! The banquet room served as the general store for the miners in the late 1800’s where supplies were traded, and cowboys would stroll down Dreamy Draw Drive.

In the 1920s, it became “The Peak” steakhouse and the first liquor license was issued. The Peak was a hideout where women would climb into the glass ceiling above the bar and the cowboys would pick their dancing partner for the night.

In the ’60s, George Cochreham, a captain in the Fire Dept. opened “Georges Ole”. He paid firemen in beer for trade of their strength in constructing cantinas and patios from worn-out railroad ties.

In the early ’80s, current owner Ken Nagel, and Bob Gosnell took over the historic building and created the name Aunt Chilada’s.

Across the street from the Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak, Aunt Chilada’s was the favorite hangout for hotel guests and locals in the area. With live music and great margaritas, it became the place to be on Friday nights.

After buying out Gosnell, Nagel took over the business with his wife, Candice-- a.k.a.-- "Nacho Mama" and their four daughters. Candice kept things moving in the right direction with her brilliant ideas and creative enthusiasm. Each daughter has her own role in the restaurant. Tiffany Allison is the Chef and Manager. Michele Woods is the Director of Fun/Sales.  Jenni O’Brien is Front of House Manager. Tami Butcher is the Social Media Director.

This is an Arizona family working together every day in the spirit of Arizona's community. They are just lovely people to be around.

Plus-- did I mention the food is awesome too? The tortilla chips are made from flour instead of corn for a softer texture and the salsa is incredible.  Chef Tiffany trained in Paris and loves bringing the French passion for food into the Arizona kitchen.

Aunt Chilada’s